gentle textured moisturizer + good for meditation, stay calm both mind and body

BEYOND organic, high quality shea butter with oriental aroma leads you to mindfulness and gives your skin moisture.

☘ What is Shea Butter?

Shea butter comes from the seeds of Shea Tree in Ghana which first fruits grow after 25-30 years.  This is why the tree is called "magical tree", has power to avoid misfortune.  Very gentle texture, great effort moisturizer, even natural sunscreen (SPF8) which is traditionally used for newborn baby preventing from strong UV in Africa.

☘ How to use?


This aroma is blended for meditative mode in life

Take a small amount, place on your palm, warm up with both palms, take one DEEP breathse, and relax

This can be used also for 

* facial care

* body massage

* scalp massage and hair care

* UV care (SPF8)


This is named ZEN BLEND, with organic aroma.

ZEN BLEND has created from a corroboration of Happier project and one ZEN priest who is located in Iwate, Japan.  A dream of ZEN BLEND is to deliver people both "calm mind" and "full moisture to the skin".  This contains 5 kinds of Organic Aroma which helps creating a mindful space in your mind.

The basis of MINDFULNESS is to pay attention to "now" and "here", not "Past" "Future" or "somewhere".

High recommending "ONE Breath Meditation" with this ZEN blend. When you want to take a break, take slight amount of it, warm it in your palm, feel the texture and aroma, then deep breath once.  If you complete one, then take another "one" breath deeper.  


☘What is difference?

* Beyond organic quality, keeps wholeness as it is

* No chemical used

* No animal test

* All plants basis, Vegan

* Feel good vibe to link you

☘How is it made?  

* Made from the seeds of Shea tree

* Created by women group in Ghana

* Handmade, takes 1 week for whole processes

*Fair Trade to satisfy both consumers and creators in Africa.  


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