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Amulet of Fragrance Zen BLEND Shea Butter 50g

Amulet of Fragrance Zen BLEND Shea Butter 50g

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Zen scent ...

Nostalgic, like being in a temple I went to when I was a kid ...


Collaboratively developed such a scent with a Zen temple monk

By wearing the scent of "Zen Blend"

Like having an amulet

Existence that protects your heart


A blend of 5 organic 100% essential oils

A scent that does not raise or lower the mind too much and just calms down


Aroma and essential oils have become common terms,

Reliable quality is important in aroma


It's not just "scent"

Because it is a strong energy that condenses the power of plants as it is


Plants that you can't walk on your own

It has the power to survive to face various difficulties.

Brings that power to us with a "good scent"


Cloves: Courage, vitality, brightening when feeling down

Vetiver: Nourishing / recovering, calming overly high feelings

Frankincense: Meditation, smoothing out stagnation

Copaiba: Relieve tension, remove anxiety and fear

Yuzu: Gives hope, is positive, and gently pushes your back when you are worried about anxiety.


May the amulet of fragrance reach your heart

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