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Feeling Ghana Wind Blend Shea Butter 50g * Unscented

Feeling Ghana Wind Blend Shea Butter 50g * Unscented

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Happier Shea Butter "Travel" Series

An unscented type that feels the "wind" from the hometown of shea butter, Ghana!


Recommended for babies, pregnant women, and professionals who want to blend their scents themselves.


Shea butter is made of jin in seeds

If you have skin concerns such as seed allergies, please do a patch test before use.


It is a fat that spreads well with a small amount, keeps moisturizing, and is hard to oxidize.

If you can use it up in 2-3 months after you start using it

Moisturizes the skin and mind of the user,

It is also a pleasure for Ghanaian women to make shea butter when used in good condition.


Choose Happier from the many shea butters

thank you very much

I would be very happy if it could be useful for your happy life.

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