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What we value

Good efforts circulate in the world

I started shea butter

What the Ghanaian women cherish

Cheaply bought and beaten

Sold at a low price,


The reality of being abandoned

I wanted to change from the action in front of me

Originally as an artist

Expressing your feelings in shape

Handmade items are not taken care of

I was stressed by the mechanism of "consumer society"

With "fair trade" that is kind to both creators and users

Chosen for reasons other than price and marketing

People who make people People who use

The person who gives the person who gives the person

To make each other happier

I named it Happiergifts

With high quality people and plants of the earth

With things and things that circulate with each other

I hope that a richer life will be realized.

I really hope

About wholesale

We are looking for a store that can take good care of high quality Happier shea butter made by fair trade.

Please introduce the store where this product seems to be perfect.

We have group or individual online sessions to help you with your questions about Fair Trade and Shea Butter.

Privacy & safety

Unrefined shea butter that does not use chemicals (hexane)

Before using, patch test (apply the product only on the inside of the arm etc. and observe for 24 hours) and if there is no problem, start using

Made from shea nuts and handmade, the texture and aroma may vary slightly from season to season.

​ If you have any questions, please contact

About payment

--Credit / Debit Cards

--Bank transfer, etc.


All Products

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