My motivation to engage this Fair Trade project

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Hi, welcome to Happier gifts website!

This is the place where you can find "Fair Trade" "Sustainable" gifts for you and for your important persons. There are huge number of webstore on earth, but not so much for both creators and users can be Happy to sell/buy.

I believe "Fair Trade" will be the key when we purchase something. If you buy just because it is cheap, you might be hurt somebody who creates the things without any intensions. If somebody is happy to buy cheap stuffs, another might be pity because they are not evaluated in FAIR way as what they effort.

What is our purpose to introduce Fair Trade gifts?

To make both us and creators happy, we would like to introduce trusted quality gifts to support the people in the world. Changing our way of consuming into a better way with Happier gifts. Choose something good from Happier gifts, enjoy the gifts with full of hearts.

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