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Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Here is the brand-new brochure for ZEN BLEND SHEA BUTTER. in English. English explanation is as followed.


Shea Butter is a gift from nature, inside seed of Shea Tree in Ghana, which gives the first fruits after 25-30 years. This is why Shea Tree is called "magical tree" to prevent bad luck.

Shea Butter is a great effort moisturizer. Give moisture to whole body, facial care + body massage + scalp massage + hair moisturizer + lib care.

This is created without any chemical, good for sensitive skins. Gentle texture is one of differences from others, you will feel its special when you touch and use.

ZEN aroma

Blended 100% organic oriental aroma, Clove/Frankincense/Yuzu citrus/Vetiver/Copaiba. These creates very well balanced of Yin and Yang, calm your mind and body, gentle texture will lead you recycle of the skin, switch off your daily life, brings to meditative/mindfulness mode. Use very little amount, warm with your palms, use when wants to calm your mind, escape from tension, wants to refresh. Aroma is very natural, good for gift both women and men.

What Fair Trade creates? Abundance

Shea Butter is created with the traditional process 【seeds collection > Dry > Roast > Boil to concentrate > Filter】by hands of women's group in Africa. Recently the reality of the Shea Butter which takes whole week to create, is beat down the prices by buyers without thought how people create. Our Shea Butter is deal with Fair Trade, to support each other to create abundant life both us as user and creates in Africa.

Co-creator, Zen priest

This ZEN BLEND SHEA BUTTER. is created with ZEN priest from Iwate, Japan. We like to bring you "calmness" to both body and mind, directly approach to mindfulness with aroma.


This is blended with 5 aromas, CLOVE, VETIVER, FRANKINSENCE, COPAIBA, YUZU. This creates well-balanced aroma to calm down your mind.


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