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The Full Our Story


Mission Mission

By spreading a circle of peaceful and warm connections around the world

Contributing to the creation of peace in each person's heart

Contributing to the creation of peace in the hearts of each and every one of us by expanding the circle of peaceful and warm connections around the world.


About the mind, about the body, about myself

About important people, about the earth, about the world

Become a community that leads to a better future than feeling

Feeling about the mind and body are well-balanced,

take good care of myself

+  your loved ones

+ the earth,

and the world to  connect the better future.

Marble Surface


We are the creators, the users,

We value earth-friendly relationships

Actions that guide you to your mindfulness

By providing things and experiences

Essential connections

Aim for inner happiness

May you also receive Happier gifts

We values building a good relationships

with  creators, the users,  and the planet in one circle.

We aim for essential connection and inner happiness

by continuing the good actions.

We hope you will receive your happier moments. 


​Happier akiko Yukiko

Happier shea butter


Shea butter

Grows in central Africa such as Ghana

Called the "God Tree"

In the nuts of shea nuts

A natural moisturizer made from processed Jin

Happier shea butter

People who make, people who use, global environment

Create friendly relationships with each other


In the consumer society, I've always been

Not just to buy and consume

The connection of hearts,

I want to create a community

I've been thinking

Zen Blend Shea Butter

Through products with thoughts

Women working in Ghana, where shea butter is produced, and myself

And now

With "you" who is picking up Zen Blend

I hope we can be connected with the same values

In a busy daily life

Suddenly stop

Face your own heart and body

An important moment

Zen Blend and Wind Blend Shea Butter

If you gently snuggle up

I am very happy

Lives in California. He has traveled to 50 countries around the world and resumed his journey in July 2021. Currently traveling all over Japan. In practice of remote family.


Proposes and writes lifestyles centered on food, manufactures and sells natural shea butter with the theme of "Zen", and produces cloisonne and ceramic art.

In 2013, we started the "Happier project" aiming for a better life through healthy food.Taking advantage of the experience of running cafe Happier in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, we propose a lifestyle that combines fresh organic vegetables from California with the wisdom of ancient Japanese food. Writing columns and interview articles on healthy food locally.

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