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Take a moment, just focus on having "ONE"  DEEP BREATH

and feel the aroma of ZEN

You will just OBSERVE how you are NOW

"Stopping" time in busy days

Only one

Take a breath to taste

"Now, this moment"

Let's just feel


Smooth scent of Zen

I'm going to "now" 

Take a break, slowly ... politely.

With just this, the mind and body regained calm,

The world looks completely different.


Anyone can do it without any preparation.

1 hour meditation or 10 day retreat

It starts with the first "breath".

Whether at home or in society

Everyone can take a break and feel secure in mind and body

I hope I can grow up slowly.

May you bring Happier and peace to your daily life.


Yoshinori Sato Ryoki Sato

The 28th chief priest of Soto Sect Togenji Temple. Experienced 20 occupations including pelagic tuna ships and traveled to 30 countries around the world. At the time of the earthquake, he was hit by a tsunami and died in nine deaths. Since then, he has been engaged in various activities to present the future with the keyword "unlocking himself".

​Happier Team


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